Polyethylene tank | Polyethylene water tank

Polyethylene tank | Polyethylene water tank

Polyethylene tank is used to store chemicals and other fluids, especially water, in the agricultural, petrochemical and domestic industries. Types of polyethylene tanks at reasonable prices and in the forms of horizontal, vertical, conical and cubic tanks and two types of polyethylene tanks under the stairs and suitable for pickup trucks are produced by Takta Baft Bakhtar Company.

Horizontal polyethylene tank

Horizontal polyethylene tank that is produced in different sizes has three types of single-layer, double-layer and three-layer tanks. Double-layer polyethylene tanks are mostly used to store chemicals and in some cases water for burial. Three-layer polyethylene tanks have anti-radiation properties, so they are very suitable for storing water, and sunlight is not able to create algae in water tanks. They also prevent damage to sunlight-sensitive chemicals.

Vertical polyethylene tank

The vertical polyethylene tank, which is produced by Takta Baft Bakhtar Company in the sizes of 5 to 126 cubic meters, has a capacity of 5000 to 126000 liters and is divided into three types: single-layer, double-layer and three-layer in terms of construction shape. The vertical polyethylene tank is equipped with ergonomically shaped reinforced walls and is capable of holding materials and liquids with high and low pH.

Cubic polyethylene tank

Takta Baft Bakhtar Production Company is engaged in the production of cubic polyethylene tanks with a capacity of 30,000 liters. Due to the demand of the country’s market for the use and purchase of cubic polyethylene tanks with the lowest price and a significant share of the domestic sales market, this company has been allocated to it.

If you want to buy this type of polyethylene tanks, you can contact the sales office of Takta Baft Bakhtar . Note that when registering a telephone order, inform the sales experts about the volume of the tank you need so that the tank you need can be sent as soon as possible.

The tank is made of plastic cube in more places used to install Cylindrical polyethylene because there is no lack of space.

Takta Baft Bakhtar Company has designed cubic polyethylene tanks in different sizes in such a way that dear customers can easily install and use the purchased tanks in different places.

Takta Baft Bakhtar has the ability to produce various types of cubic polyethylene tanks with a capacity of 1000 to 14000 liters. These tanks are produced in rotary or double wall and in the form of extrusion method in different colors.

The price of cubic tanks is somewhat higher than vertical and horizontal tanks due to the use of more polyethylene materials to increase higher strength.

Be careful when registering an order to buy polyethylene tanks, if there is no obstacle for you in terms of usable space and dimensions of other production units of Shakta Takta Baftar, use horizontal or vertical samples of these tanks instead of buying cubic tanks.

If you need a water tank in spaces with a narrow inlet and you need tanks with a large size and capacity to supply the water you need, it is better to use a fiberglass tank or a composite tank instead of a cylindrical , vertical, horizontal or cubic tank. Use a panel.

Advantages of cubic polyethylene tank

The first advantage of Takta Baftar polyethylene tanks is a 5-year warranty and 120-month after-sales service. On the other hand, all tanks have the national standard mark of Iran and are produced integrated into the mold. Polyethylene tanks have good thermal insulation against heat and cold, and you can easily move these tanks and install them in your desired places. All polyethylene tanks produced by Takta Baft Bakhtar Company have three protective layers that are very resistant to ultraviolet radiation from the sun and the formation of algae due to sunlight and corrosion due to chemicals.

Polyethylene sprayer tank

Another type of polyethylene tanks that are used by most farmers in the country’s agricultural industry is the polyethylene sprayer tank , where you can easily store all kinds of chemicals and pesticides inside these tanks and use them when spraying.

Takta Baft Bakhtar Company, as one of the largest production groups of polyethylene tanks in the country, due to the increase in the capacity of its production line, in addition to supplying the domestic market, has been able to export high quality polyethylene tanks to global markets. These markets include Iraq and the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf.

One of the most important reasons for choosing dear buyers and regular customers of Takta Baft Bakhtar products is accuracy and creativity in the production of all industrial products, especially high quality polyethylene tanks and the use of excellent materials in the manufacture of these products. If you need advice before buying any of the company’s products and tanks, please call +984446334850 during office hours.

The reason for using three-layer polyethylene tanks in various industries, especially agricultural and petrochemical industries, and in some cases for domestic use, is the impermeability of water tanks to sunlight to prevent water spoilage and the formation of algae in the tank. This is due to the use of a dark middle layer that is embedded in the middle of the two inner and outer layers of the polyethylene water tank .

Some companies produce a dark middle layer in polyethylene tanks of industrial soot and sodium carbonate in addition to some old recycled materials, all of which are harmful to human health.

The best type of polyethylene tanks used to store water are two-layer tanks, the outer layer has a dark color and the inner layer has a white color. First of all, these tanks are more reasonably priced, and secondly, they have a very high quality and prevent the corruption of the water stored in them.

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