Bee syrup and its application in colony nutrition

Bee syrup and its application in colony nutrition

Bee syrup

This product is used in beehives to feed bees with syrup made mainly from sugar. There are different types of bee syrup and the most practical type that is used by Iranian beekeepers is the frame syrup which is produced and marketed by Takta Baft Company.

bee feeder

Feed the bees with syrup

Feeding bees is the most important task of beekeepers that should always be considered. It is the duty of beekeepers to provide nutrition for the colony and this must be done in a timely manner and in the right way. In the following, we will explain more about bee feeding and preparation of hives and colonies.

Bee colony feeding methods

There are two ways to feed bee colonies:

  • Protein nutrition to supply protein to the colony
  • Feeding to provide energy needed by bees

4 methods of feeding bees with bee feeder frame

  1. Queen Stimulating Nutrition
    After harvesting honey in the fall, beekeepers use the queen’s stimulating feeding method for a period of 1 month, when pollen is rarely brought to the colony.
  2. Winter feeding of bees with syrup
    In the method of feeding with concentrated syrup, which should be done by using frame syrup inside the beehive, it is made from a combination of one part water and two parts sugar after the last migration of bee colony in winter.
  3. Feed the bees in the spring
    After winter, at the beginning of spring, the feeding of bee colonies begins with the collection of the first pollen and the beginning of the queen’s spawning.
  4. Use of bees feeder frame syrup in prescribing medicine
    By using bee feeder frame syrup, you can provide the necessary medicines for different types of adult and baby bees, which are produced in different powder and liquid forms, during colony feeding.

Takta Baft Bakhtar Company, as the largest producer of hive feeding accessories and honey bees, offers to beekeepers to increase their production and products by observing suitable conditions and using modern equipment inside the colony and hives.

Reasons to feed bees with bee feeder frame

  • Meet the nutritional needs of bees and ensure their growth and health
  • Provide a colony for better use of natural flowers in places where bees have limited access to pollen
  • Increasing the colony population to the desired level, which has a great impact on the pollination process
  • The use of bee frame syrup is very effective in feeding them when nectar and pollen are deficient.
  • Increase the breeding season of male bees in order to mate with the queen
  • Prevent bees from drowning in the syrup due to the use of grooves inside the syrup wall
  • Solve the problem of storing food as needed in the winter in the hive
  • Times when she has to take medicine If you do not use bee syrup, use a combination of medicine and syrup to feed the bees.

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