shrink tray of edible oil

shrink tray of edible oil

The shrink tray often referred to as the “shrink” tray, is one of the products of TaktaBaft Company in the field of production of injectable plastic parts.

insoles tray are used as under-shrink trays in most packaging industries, especially edible oil production industries, which are packaged in cans of oil.

The insoles under the oil shrink, which are produced by TaktaBaft Company and by plastic injection machines, have different types in terms of dimensions and the shape of the trays is square.

Uses of the tray under the oil pastry

Among uses of oil tray shrink usage in the industry of oil packing and Edible Oil.

The height of these trays is often 2 cm and the oil shrink packs fit well inside these insoles.

You can use these insoles to square bottom cans up to 16 cm in size.

oil shrink tray

If you want to buy an oil shrink tray, you can use plastic insoles with dimensions of 32 by 32 cm, which have a very lightweight of 85 gr.

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