Insole and under shearing 22 * 34

Insole and under shearing 22 * 34

Shearing tray, which is also called sub-sweetening, is considered as one of the products of Takta Baft Bakhtar Plastic Injection Company.

This product is made by plastic injection machine, which is made in order to make plastic parts such as trays under sweetness in Takta Baft Bakhtar production factory. There are different types in terms of size and shapes.

yogurt shrink tray – 34*22

Dimensions: 22 * 34 cm
Height: 2 cm
Weight: 95 grams
Used: Shearing tray and traditional bucket yogurt packaging insole
Packing mode: Packed in 6 round containers of 600 g and 700 g cups up to 9 cm in size

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