Bee syrup | bee feeding frame| Buy at a cheap price and send to all parts of the country

Bee syrup | bee feeding frame| Buy at a cheap price and send to all parts of the country

Bee syrup is used to feed bees when flower nectar is low or not found at all. This product is also used for drug treatment of bees. (Some medicines can be mixed into syrup and fed to bees.

Feed the bees through the roof of the hive

Using this method of feeding the hive is very simple. The hive feeder is placed directly on the top of the box vertically and under the outer cover. When using bee feeding in this way, you can not use the inner cover of the hive. This tank can hold 1 to 3 gallons of syrup and bees can enter the hive from under the container.

The hive feeder in this way has the following advantages over other methods of bee feeding:

  • Eventually you will need to refill your bee syrup once or twice a week
  • You can fill the syrup without any problems because the bees are on the opposite side of the screen
  • You do not have to bother the bees as you do not have to open the hive each time you fill the syrup. (Because opening the hive or creating smoke can delay the activity of bees).
  • Since bee syrup is not exposed to the sun, you can add the medicine to the syrup without worrying that it will spoil due to sunlight.

Boardman Bee feeding frame

This bee syrup container, which uses a small glass can upside down at the entrance to the hive, is known as a Boardman syrup.

Boardman bee syrup is very cheap and practical and is often eaten in all hives.

  • The proximity of Boardman to the hive entrance can encourage other bees to steal syrup and honey from your hive.
  • You can not use Boardman syrup to give medicine to bees because they are exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Direct sunlight on this drink can cause nectar to rot
  • You will often have to refill the syrup daily
  • The use of this bee syrup container is not recommended in the spring. Because the syrup container is at the entrance of the hive, but the bees are active at the end of the hive.
  • Placing the container at the entrance allows you to be attacked by guard bees when refilling the syrup.

Bucket bee feeding container

Bucket bee syrup consists of a one-gallon plastic bucket with holes in the lid. Fill the bucket with syrup and place it upside down towards the oval holes so that the syrup gradually comes out of the bucket.

  • To use this bee syrup, you have to open the hive completely every time, and this will cause the bees to be bitten you.
  • Every time you want to fill the container with syrup, you have to use a smoke machine, and this will delay the activity of the bees.
  • Each gallon should be filled once or twice a week
  • The problem with this method of feeding bees is that only a few bees can feed on the syrup at a time

Bee feeding bag

One of the most cost-effective and inexpensive ways to feed bees is to use a syrup bag. In this method, all you have to do is fill the bags with syrup and zip or press the lid. Place the bags horizontally on the top bars of the hive. In this case, an air bubble forms at the top of the bag. Using a razor, you can make 2.5 cm cuts on the bag.

Advantages and disadvantages of feeding bees with a bag of syrup

  • Very cheap and affordable
  • Reduce access to other bees for drinking
  • Place the syrup on top of the hive and allow bees to easily access it
  • Do not drown bees

Bee feeder frame

The bee feeder frame is made of plastic. This product occupies 1 to 2 frames of hive space. The frame drinking bowl, which was designed and made by Takta Baft Bakhtar Company, prevents bees from falling into the syrup and drowning due to having a ladder inside the frame.

Due to the limited capacity of this product, you have to fill the frame daily and put it back in the hive. If it is the queen’s breeding season, try not to use a smoke to replace the bee-drinking syrup and carefully remove the frame from the hive. Because it delays the activity of bees.

Advantages and disadvantages of bee feeder frame

  • Low capacity and need for constant filling throughout the day
  • Occupies one to two frames of hive space
  • To refill the syrup, you must open the hive and do so so that the bees may attack and delay their activity.
  • The probability of bees drowning in the syrup (Takta Baft Bakhtar Company has greatly reduced the probability of bees drowning by using ladders inside the container.)

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